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Our Grants Management forms change over time, so please check back here each time you need a form, rather than relying on a previous download. Please see IRBNet for Reseach Integrity and Compliance forms.

We recommend that you view and fill out PDFs using Adobe—Acrobat Reader DC. Download the PDF form to your computer or network drive, and then open it with Adobe Reader DC and fill it. If you do not have Adobe Reader DC or experience difficulty filling the form, contact Alice Wadley, Training Coordinator at

Grants Management Forms

398 Budget Form

Updated January, 2020

Advance Account Request Form

Updated May, 2020 

Calculation of IDC on Modular Budgets

Updated May, 2019 

Calendar Months Calculation

Updated June, 2019

Consulting Services, Request for Review and Approval

Updated April, 2020

Cost Share Calculator

Updated February, 2020

Cost Transfer Form

Updated February, 2020

Distribution Adjustment Request Form

Updated November, 2020

External Activities, Request for Approval

Grant Relevance Form

Updated July, 2020

Grant Timeline Checklist

Updated March, 2020

Grant Transaction Types

Updated February, 2019


HPHC Data Privacy and Security

HPHCI Invention Disclosure Form

Updated December, 2020

HPHCI Other Intellectual Property Disclosure Form

Updated December, 2020

IDC Calculation Tool

Updated December, 2018

Institutional Commitment

Updated February, 2020

Miscellaneous Transaction Request Form

Updated February, 2020

Other Support-NIH Sample 2021

Updated March, 2021

Other Support-Sample 2021

Updated March, 2021

PI Submission Form for HPHC Grants

Updated November, 2018

Prep-to-Research Attestation Form

Updated September, 2018

Request for a One-Year, No-Cost Extension Form

Updated June, 2020

Research Participation Agreement

Updated June, 2020

Residual Research Fund Transfer Form

Updated February, 2021

Sponsored Programs Application (SPA)

Research Study Concerns?

  • If you have questions or concerns regarding the rights of a research participant, you may leave a message anonymously on the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care IRB Hotline: 800-807-6812.

  • To report suspected research misconduct at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, the interim contact is Michael Dizinno, Research Compliance QA/QI Specialist,, or 617-867-4212.

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