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Grants Management Resources 

Grants Management Resources

Annual Single Audit Information

Archived News and Notices

Data Management and Sharing

Slides prepared by Jason Block, MD, MPH and presented at the 12/15/222 DPM Faculty meeting

Delegating and Canceling Reports in Oracle

Instructions on how to transfer (delegate) certification responsibility to another person

Grants Manager Portfolio

OSP Grants Manager Portfolio 

Investigator Handbook
A how-to manual for investigators conducting research at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute 


OSP/DPM Go To List

A list of contacts for questions related to grants management, research and compliance, DPM finances, clinical income, training, communications, IT, and HIPAA

OSP Glossary and Acronyms

A glossary for commonly-used terms and acronyms at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute


Registering for eCommons Instructions
Information on how to register on the NIH eCommons


Travel & In-Person Business Activity Request: Quick Reference Guide

Information on how to request approval for or approve/reject an in-person business activity/travel request

Application Resources

DPM Facilities Description

Boilerplate description of the research environment at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. This boilerplate may be used in grant applications and may be edited to fit local circumstances.

Cost Share Calculator

Excel Spreadsheet with formulas that calculate your staff’s cost sharing over multi grant years by inputting the staff members salary and percent effort on a project.

F&A Rate Agreement

Forms Needed From Subrecipients

Forms needed for including subrecipients in grant submissions

Hardware/software/ASP (Application Service Provider) approval process
Hardware/software/ASP (Application Service Provider) approval and purchasing process.

Information for HPHC Applications
Useful information regarding the Office of Sponsored Programs and research grants management at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care/ Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, including official contact information, official signatory on applications, fringe benefit %, F&A rate, federal salary cap, Institute rent, HPHC DUNS number, and other relevant information.

NIH Grants Policy Statement

The NIH Grants Policy Statement (NIHGPS) makes available, in a single document, the policy requirements that serve as the terms and conditions of NIH grant awards. 

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