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IRB Meeting Dates and

Submission Deadlines

The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institutional Review Board (HPHC IRB) is responsible for the protection of human subjects from unacceptable risks of research. The HPHC IRB has authority over all research projects conducted by HPHCI.

A Sponsored Programs Application must be submitted for any research project to be conducted at HPHCI, whether or not funding is involved. IRB review is one component of the Sponsored Programs approval process. The IRB staff will indicate to the investigator the IRB meeting at which their proposal will be reviewed. The current IRB meeting dates and submission deadlines are listed below.

Note: Submissions received on the deadline date must be complete and review ready to be placed on the Agenda for review at the desired board meeting.

IRB forms and guidance are available in IRBNet. Please check regularly for updates or changes.

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